Thursday, June 8, 2017

Personal Application #7

Now that the entire book is done, I can apply many of the elements to my real life. A lot of what was discussed in the book lead to really interesting discussions in class about all sorts of real world issues. Things ranging from religion, how to live life properly, and fate vs. freewill. These are all things that I think about in my late-night wonderings about life, and I’ve been exposed to a lot of new ideas through the discussions we’ve been having throughout the trimester. Being able to be open about each other’s ideas and opinions without attacking someone as a person has been incredibly beneficial, I really enjoy having discussions where we can all take different positions and still remain civil, even if we don’t come to a resolution or concrete answer at the end of the class.
I do feel like most of my ideas have remained stable throughout the trimester. I’ve always been fairly firm in my beliefs, and though this class may not have revolutionized the way I see my own life, I’m proud to say my eyes have been opened up to lots of different ways of thinking. For example, as someone who has never been big on religion or the idea of it, it was very beneficial for me to listen to people who practice a religion about their perspective on things. A lot of times, I feel as if religion can be demonized, so I appreciated getting a look into something I was unfamiliar with at first. Even if my beliefs haven’t changed, I find myself being more thoughtful about other’s ideas now.

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